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Table 2 Examples of quotes given by the experts in the first Delphi round

From: A Delphi study to construct a CanMEDS competence based inventory applicable for workplace assessment

comments example of quotes role & n° of key competence
about applicability for assessment “What exactly do you want to assess?” Medical Expert – n°5
  “Isn’t it better to evaluate whether students ask for supervision in time or not?” Professional – n° 30
on the lack of concrete competences “What do you mean by ‘additional information’?” Collaborator – n°11
  “too vague and formulated too difficult” Health advocate – n° 18
on formulation or content “communication with the patient is missing (a bit)” Communicator – general remark on the role
  “+ responsibility (daring to give and to take)” Collaborator – general remark on the role
on overlap “Isn’t this rather a key competence of Communicator?” Scholar – n° 25