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Table 1 Rainbow system for content analysis; activity, category, and category definitions

From: Computer supported collaborative learning in a clerkship: an exploratory study on the relation of discussion activity and revision of critical appraisal papers

Content analysis system for collaborative problem solving activity [[23]]
Activity Category Definition
Outside 1. Outside Any interaction that is not concerned with interacting in order to carry out the defined task, e.g., talk about last night’s party.
Non-task-focussed 2. Social relation Interaction concerned with managing the students’ social relations with respect to the task, e.g., greeting, leave-taking, politeness.
3. Interaction management Interaction concerned with managing the interaction itself, e.g., coordination (who will speak and who will not), establishing contact, topic shifting.
Task-focussed 4. Task management Management of the progression of the task itself, e.g., planning what is to be discussed, establishing whether problem is solved or not.
5. Opinions Interaction concerned with expressing opinions about the topic of discussion, e.g., beliefs, acceptances.
6. Argumentation Expression of (counter-) arguments directly related to a thesis, or theses themselves, e.g., requests for justification
7. Broaden and deepen Interaction concerned with (counter-)arguments linked to (counter-) arguments, argumentative relations and the meaning of arguments themselves, e.g., elaborations of arguments, definition.