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Table 4 Correspondent's definition of student-centred learning

From: Teaching methods in Hawler College of Medicine in Iraq: A qualitative assessment from teachers' perspectives

Definition of student-centred learning   Response
   No. (%)
1 Interactive sessions in which students are active and participate in the discussions. 19 (44.1)
2 Active participation of students in the whole learning process including curriculum design,teaching methods,and assessment 7 (16.2)
3 A teaching method that focus on the needs, ability and interest of the students. 5 (11.6)
4 A small group teaching 5 (11.6)
5 Shifting the power and focus of activity from the teacher to the students. 3 (6.9)
6 Student have full responsibility for their learning 3 (6.9)
7 Problem-based learning 1 (2.3)