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Table 3 Mean MHP Internet self-efficacy and general Internet confidence scores at baseline and follow up (n = 16)

From: Collaborative learning about e-health for mental health professionals and service users in a structured anonymous online short course: pilot study

  Baseline Follow up
  M (SD) M (SD)
Internet self-efficacy (4-item scale; range 1-5) 3.2 (.81) 3.5 (3.75)
Items within scale:   
Confidence searching webpages to find evidence to help with a consultation with a patient 3.9 (0.96) 4.2 (0.66)
Confidence about potentially running a live interactive webcast or chat room for a group of patients (but were anonymous to each other) 2.8 (1.05) 2.9 (1.06)
Confidence about potentially using Internet video telephony (e.g. Skype) for remote consultations with individual patients 3.3 (1.15) 3.4 (0.73)
Confidence about potentially running a discussion forum for a group of patients 3.0 (1.03) 3.6 (0.81)
General Internet confidence (1-item scale, range 1-10) 6.4 (2.36) 7.8 (0.78)
  1. Higher scores indicate higher self-efficacy.