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Table 2 Data of the answers given by the spaced education group to the questionnaire on students’ attitudes towards spaced education

From: Spaced education activates students in a theoretical radiological science course: a pilot study

Question no. n Mean value SD
1. E-mails sent to me with questions on the course’s learning content helped me to keep me busy working on the learning content on a continuous basis. 21 3.6 1.4
2. Receiving e-mails with answers to the questions answered previously was an additional help. 21 4.3 1.7
3. The questions sent by e-mail helped me to get a deeper insight in the learning content. 21 4.0 1.7
4. The e-mails that contained questions regarding the learning content did negatively intrude my private life. 21 1.4 1.0
5. The amount of learning content that I had to work through in order to answer the questions sent by e-mail was adequate. 21 4.9 1.1
6. I would have preferred receiving more questions on the learning content by e-mail. 21 2.4 1.6
7. Answering the questions that I received by e-mail kept me from working on the content of other courses. 21 2.2 1.7
8. I would have preferred receiving questions on the learning content directly after the single lectures. 21 2.7 1.8
9. It would have been sufficient to just show the multiple choice questions on the final slide of each lecture. 21 2.6 .9
10. I do not see any need to change the didactical concept of the course. 21 2.7 1.1
  1. Answers could be chosen between 1 and 6 (1 = I totally disagree, 6 = I totally agree).