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Table 2 Students’ self-assessment of their own abilities at diagnosing the 3 major skin cancers on completion of the dermatology attachment

From: Dermatology undergraduate skin cancer training: a disconnect between recommendations, clinical exposure and competence

Questions: How confident are you in your ability to diagnose… Mean Likert Score (Range) Median Likert Score Percentage of students “unconfident” (score <4)
…melanomas? 4.2 (2–6) 4 34% (n=15)
…squamous cell carcinomas? 4.3 (2–7) 4 27% (n=12)
…basal cell carcinomas? 4.8 (2–7) 5 14% (n=6)
  1. 44 completed the anonymous questionnaire in which they rated themselves on 7-point Likert scales (1=Extremely unconfident, 2=Unconfident, 3=Reasonably unconfident, 4=Not unconfident, 5=Reasonably confident, 6=Confident, 7=Extremely confident).