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Table 1 Reflection structuring questions posed after the interactive video-case to guide students through the process of reflection

From: Using video-cases to assess student reflection: Development and validation of an instrument

Aspect of reflection process Question
Awareness of the experience 1. Describe the progress of the consultation with attention to both patient behavior and the physician’s actions.
  2. A What people or factors had an impact on the progress of the consultation?
B What did you think/feel when answering the case question?*
C Looking back on the progress of the consultation: what went well?
D What did not go well?
Understanding the experience 3. Formulate searching questions that help to analyze your own actions/thoughts during the consultation process.
  4. A Try to answer your searching questions.
B What knowledge/feelings/values/former experiences did you use to formulate your answer(s)?
Impact on future actions 5. What did you learn going through this consultation?
  6. What concrete actions did you plan for future practice?
  1. * In each case a question was selected that put students in a stressful and acute situation that demanded a reaction.