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Figure 2

From: Impact of e-resources on learning in biochemistry: first-year medical students’ perceptions

Figure 2

Percentage of low, moderate and high users of e-resources in biochemistry for periodic formative assessments and final summative assessment. Students were asked to rate the extent to which they used e-resources to study each of the 14 major topics in biochemistry, both for periodic formative assessments as well as the final summative assessment. Based on their responses, they were classified as low, moderate and high users of the e-resources, as described under “Methods”, for each of the 14 topics. The bars in the figure denote the means of the numbers of users in each category, when data for all the topics were combined. The error bars indicate the standard deviation of the number of students classified as low, moderate and high users of the e-resources for all the topics combined. Data were analyzed by one-way ANOVA, followed by Bonferroni’s correction (for pair-wise comparisons). Bars, within each assessment group, labeled with different letters are significantly different from one another (p < 0.05). * indicates p < 0.05 when comparisons were made within each user group in the formative and summative assessment categories.

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