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Table 1 Discussion topics

From: Developing an online learning community for mental health professionals and service users: a discursive analysis

Discussion topics
1. CCBT/Online therapies. Does anyone have experience of using or recommending Living Life To The Full or Moodgym, or any other CCBT (computerised cognitive behaviour therapy)? Describe and discuss those experiences. If no experience in the group, then discuss whether you see a role for this, and why (perhaps) you have not used or recommended it up to now
2. Discussion forums Do you think discussion forums are useful for people with mental health problems?
Do any of you think that maybe, in some circumstances, a mental health professional should suggest signing up to a forum? ............. or is it just for that person to make their own decision?
3. Lifestyle change intervention websites Given the evidence, and the limitations of the evidence, that you have heard so far, but taking into account the low marginal costs of such e-health interventions, do you think Internet based 'lifestyle changes' (diet, alcohol, smoking, sexual behaviour etc) programs can be useful? Might they have some role in mental health services?
4. Webcast group therapy Practitioners: how would you feel about running a 'therapy' group webcast for a small group of your patients, where you were 'known' and in the video window, but they were anonymous?
Mental health service users: how would you feel about taking part in such a session?
5. Videophone Do you think Skype (Internet video calls) between patients and mental health professionals is worthwhile?
6. Email What do you think about the use of email between patients and mental health professionals?
7. Computer-patient interviewing Do you think computer-patient interviewing could play a role in mental health services
8. Map of Medicine Do you think aids such as the Map of Medicine could play a role in mental health services?
9. Patient access to their online medical records How would you feel about the sharing of online medical records between mental health professionals and patients?
10. Barriers to Internet use in Mental Health practice What do you think prevents greater use of the Internet in mental health practice and how can it be overcome?
11. Use of Internet for particular groups Are there particular groups of patients for whom the Internet would be most useful? And are there other groups for whom the Internet would not be useful? What are those groups and what are the differences?
12. Implementation and requirements for supporting Internet uses Given what you have heard over the last week how would you like to see the Internet being used in mental health services?
What would be needed to support these uses of the Internet?