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Table 4 Comparative data between three groups of respondents (Statistical comparison)

From: Student apathy for classroom learning and need of repositioning in present andragogy in Indian dental schools

QUESTIONS Senior faculty v/s Institutional teachers Senior faculty v/s Students Institutional teachers v/s Students
1. Teacher motivation can improve ‘student- attendance’ for lectures 0.023 0.506 0.001
2. Better pedagogical methods can improve ‘classroom teaching’ 0.999 0.999 0.350
3. Teachers need to change the present pedagogical methods & make them more effective. 0.999 0.999 0.197
4. Classroom teaching is the best pedagogical method than online/ distance learning 0.999 0.508 0.153
  1. Values are p-values, obtained by chi-square test P-value<0.05 is considered to be statistically significant.