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Table 1 Telephone Questionnaire

From: Use of UKCAT scores in student selection by UK medical schools, 2006-2010

1   Please describe your selection process before you introduced the UKCAT (year 1)/this year (year 2 onwards).
2   How did you use the UKCAT result in your selection process this year?
  2a Confirm if used for
• Pre-selection
• Selection for interview
• After interview
  2b Did you use it for assessment or selection of any specific subgroups (for example borderline, WP, mature or disabled)? Please specify and describe.
3   Did you make any other changes to your selection process this year?
4   Do you think using the UKCAT has affected the profile of the candidates you have selected this year, compared with previous years?
  4a If so how?
  4b Do you have any evidence to support this?
5   Have you analysed (or do you intend to analyse) the effect of using the UKCAT on the profile of your selected candidates this year?
  5a If so, how?
6   Will you change the way in which you use the UKCAT in your selection process next year?
  6a Will you change other aspects of your selection process next year as a result of using the UKCAT?
  1. Name of informant Role of informant
  2. Tel no E mail Interviewer
  3. Date of interview Start time End time/duration