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Table 4 The 10 most common themes identified in the open questions

From: Doctors and nurses benefit from interprofessional online education in dermatology

Common themes from open questions Number of comments
  All Doctors/nurses
"A great course." 32 21/11
"Great flexibility when to login." 10 7/3
"The discussion forum was valuable" 9 7/2
"The software was easy to use." 8 5/3
"I didn't have enough time to use the discussion forum." 7 5/2
"I'd like more clinical cases." 6 5/1
"I'd like to do a similar course on other topics." 5 5/0
"Demonstrations by video were useful." 4 2/2
"I read the postings in the discussion forum without actively contributing." 4 3/1
"I had problems using audio/video files." 4 3/1