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Table 1 Issues Assessed in the Questionnaire

From: Student perception of two different simulation techniques in oral and maxillofacial surgery undergraduate training

A. Demographic and general questions
1. Gender
2. Age
3. I use computer and/or computer games at home.
4. I have previous experience of computer aided education.
B. Web-SP statements
5. The patient cases in Web-SP gave me more knowledge about the difficulties with judging whether a mandibular third molar should be removed or not.
6. Web-SP improved my knowledge regarding diagnostics in oral surgery cases.
7. Web-SP gave me more knowledge whether a case should be referred or not.
8. Web-SP should be included in the course in the future.
9. I would like to have more Web-SP cases to work with.
C. Oral surgery simulator statements
10. The simulator reproduced mandibular third molar surgery in a realistic way.
11. I have improved my skills in mandibular third molar surgery after the practise with the oral surgery simulator.
12. The practise in the oral surgery simulator has given me new knowledge.
13. The work in the oral surgery simulator felt realistic.
14. Practise in the simulator should be included in the course in the future.
15. I would like more training with the simulator.
D. Both Web-SP and simulator statement
16. It was a good idea to use the oral surgery simulator and Web-SP on the same teaching occasion.
E. Open questions
17. What was the best part of the course?
18. What was the worst part of the course?