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Table 3 Current Job Responsibilities of Trainee Respondents

From: Training Trainers in health and human rights: Implementing curriculum change in South African health sciences institutions

Title N (total = 46)
Academic/educational (n = 31)  
University Lecturer, Course Facilitator, Professor 21
Lecturer (Junior and Senior)  
School of Pharmacology Professor  
Vice Principal  
Nurse Educator 4
Student (MPhil or Medical) 2
Institutional HIV/AIDS coordinator 1
Other (Researcher, Psychologist, Not Specified) 3
Non-governmental (n = 4)  
Chairperson 1
Project Officer 1
Nongovernmental Staff 2
Research (n = 4)  
Researcher/Investigator 2
Research Advisor on Ethics, HR, and Law 1
Occupational Health and Social Auditor on farms/Researcher 1
Health service providers or managers (n = 5)  
Chief Dentist, Dept of Health 1
Medical Intern 2
Hospice Chief Executive Officer 1
Call Center Manager, Dept of Health 1
Other (n = 2)  
Legal Advisor, private hospital group 1
Not Specified 1