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Table 1 Focus group questions

From: Determinants of internal medicine residents' choice in the canadian R4 Fellowship Match: A qualitative study

Open-Ended Questions
Why did you choose to pursue the subspecialty to which you matched?
How did you go about making your decision to pursue this fellowship?
When did you decide on this subspecialty?
Was there anything in particular during your residency that caused you to pick this fellowship over another?
Closed Ended Questions
Did any of the following affect your decision?
Items drawn from literature:
-projected income when training completed2,9
-lifestyle (time for non-work activities and/or family)2,9
-subject matter2
-ability to do procedures/technical skills2
-breadth of practice2
-long-term vs. short-term relationships with patients2
-inpatient vs. outpatient care2
-role models2
-negative influences ("why would you want to pursue that?")2
-marital status9
-personal debt9
-wanted or did not want to deal with certain patient populations9
Items postulated to be important by authors:
-opportunities for teaching
-opportunities for research
-prestige/respect from colleagues
-prestige/respect from those outside medicine (friends/family)
-job prospects/opportunities/openings
-national trends
-length of training
-other personal issues