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Table 4 Open-ended responses for students receiving CD instruction

From: Instructional multimedia: An investigation of student and instructor attitudes and student study behavior

Question Response (Response Frequency*)
What did you like best about the method of learning? "I could replay the CD if needed" (19)
"The video part"/"visuals" (7)
"Could review on my own time" (7)
"Good reference for later" (6)
"Self paced" (4)
"The audio descriptions of what was happening on the video" (4)
What did you like least about the method of learning? "Nothing"/"no complaints" (8)
"No one to answer questions while watching the video" (7)
"Some videos were hard to see" (5)
"Prefer to see it in person" (5)
"Wasn't able to get immediate feedback on performance" (5)
What are the strengths of this method of learning? "Videos always available to view" (9)
"You can watch videos many times" (9)
"Helpful for visual learners" (9)
"Good for test preparation" (7)
"Good reference for the future" (7)
"Can learn at home", "can learn alone" (4)
What are the weaknesses of this method of learning? "Cannot ask questions" (9)
"No human contact" (8)
"N/A" (7)
"None", "no complaints" (6)
"No immediate feedback" (4)
Compared to other ways of learning, was this method of learning useful? Why or why not? Yes: 30 responses
"Can be referenced any time" (8)
"Can work at own pace" (7)
"Visual aid/visual learner" (9)
"Helpful for studying" (6)
No: 5 responses
Same: 2 response
Other: 5 response
"It would be more useful if both techniques were combined" (4)
  1. Numbers in parenthesis represent the number of similar responses.
  2. *Note: Only responses reported more than 3 times were included in the table.