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Table 1 Resident perceptions of learning in CoL and WebEx sessions

From: Participating in a Community of Learners enhances resident perceptions of learning in an e-mentoring program: proof of concept

"Participation in CoL has enhanced my overall ability to learn in the residency program" Mean Score
"Participation in CoL has given me confidence to ask questions and learn from my colleagues" 4.2
"Participating in CoL has helped me to apply new knowledge in my daily Radiology practice" 4.6
"Since participating in CoL I feel more comfortable asking a colleague for advice with a problem relating to my learning or service provision or home commitments" 3.9
"Participation in CoL has encouraged me to consult the medical evidence-based literature" 4.7
"WebEx sessions contributed positively to my overall residency experience" 4.8
"WebEx sessions helped me to learn a systematic approach to interpretation of diagnostic images" 4.6
"I was able to practice interpreting images and receive feedback in the WebEx sessions" 4.6
"I found the WebEx sessions helped me to learn" 4.6
"I used the teaching files (posted on FTP site) in between CoL and WebEx sessions" 4.5
  1. Likert-like scores assigned by 10 residents to 10 statements posed in a survey and validated during exit interviews: 5 = strongly agree; 4 = agree; 3 = not sure; 2 = disagree; 1 = strongly disagree.