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Table 3 Association of students' evaluations to the programme with students' attitudes toward community health care

From: Does community-based education increase students' motivation to practice community health care? - a cross sectional study

  "Worthwhile" "Confidence"
  Coefficient (95%CI) Coefficient (95%CI)
The physician-teachers were enthusiastic. 0.247 (0.173-0318) 0.158 (0.082-0.233)
The physician-teachers took enough time. 0.155 (0.078-0.229) 0.086 (0.009-0.163)
The program was a worthwhile learning experience. 0.261 (0.188-0.332) 0.083 (0.006-0.159)
  1. Abbrevation; Coefficient, Pearson correlation coefficient; CI, confidence interval; Worthwhile,I think practicing community health care is worthwhile; Confidence,I am confident about practicing community health care.