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Table 2 Themes identified from the open ended questions on the online feedback from and the paper based questionnaire.

From: Teaching tools in Evidence Based Practice: evaluation of reusable learning objects (RLOs) for learning about Meta-analysis

Theme Student Quotations
T1. Lecturer support "Easy diagrammatic format. I am not so sure how meaningful and easy it would be to follow without prior explanation [of the concepts] from tutor"
T2. Value of interactivity and animations "The use of a pool and balance to explain the process rather than a forest plot"
"Generally I liked all that was presented. Was impressed by the meter as it helps to explain the whole concept"
"Very clear and concise. It helped me understand much better than my text. The learning activities reinforced my understanding. Thank you"
"I liked the interactive summaries which simplified and demonstrated what the reader was talking about- very visual and easy to understand"
"Its interactive nature and use of simple words"
T3. Level and timing in relation to lectures "I would have wanted to have more exercises. Although this would make the RLO longer to get through, it would be more worthwhile."
"Over-laps lecture - maybe be beneficial to use before the lecture as a basic introduction"
"A bit basic following the lectures. Be better to be introduced to it before the teaching session"
"Your lecture was better, and was in much greater depth. I liked the speaking rather than reading, but did not find that the pictures added much, particularly as they often repeated the same percentage changes in spiralling boxes"
"The support for the lecture we received was good, and points that confused me in the lecture I could take my time over and complete"
T4. Resource discovery "RLO was very useful, its more a case of being aware (or reminded) that they exist"
"Very clear, easy to understand. Should have checked it out earlier!"
T5. Learning style "combining sound and visual is good for visual learners. The quiz helped consolidate"
"Visual learning is always best for me."
"The narration it reinforced concepts introduced in lecture"
  1. Quotations have been provided to represent the themes.