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Table 1 Items of the factors resulting from the factor analysis

From: The role of deliberate practice in the acquisition of clinical skills


Cronbach's Alpha

Mean Score (SD)




3.07 (0.73)


- When I have made a schedule I stick to it.



- I am good at planning my time.



- My study efforts are distributed evenly over the academic year.



- I draw up a study schedule.



- I summarise the material I am studying.



- On days when there are no obligatory study activities

I study mostly in the morning.



- I make an outline of the material to be studied.





2.89 (0.71)


- I usually study in a number of short sessions.



- When I am studying I am not easily distracted.



- I take breaks when I am studying.



- I stop studying as soon as I get tired.





2.79 (0.70)


- I revise skills during unsupervised practice sessions.



- I revise skills by practising on other students/housemates/family.



- I prepare for skill training sessions.



- When I don't understand something I look it up in the literature. after training.



- I revise material I find difficult.



Study style/self reflection

. 73

3.61 (0.45)


- I try to see how different parts of a subject are interconnected.



- After studying a subject I am able to explain it clearly.



- I pay extra attention to subjects I do not understand.



- When something goes wrong in my studies I try to find out what caused it.



- I know my strengths and weaknesses with regard to studying.



- When I don't understand things during training I ask questions.



- I hate it when there is something I do not understand.



- I work to improve my weaknesses.



- I use different resources to study the learning objectives.



- I also read medical articles not directly related to the current topic.