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Table 3 Student proposed improvements for video use in SVMS

From: Veterinary students' usage and perception of video teaching resources

Theme¥ Year-3 Year-2 Year-1
Access - Make all videos downloadable. - Make videos downloadable. - Quick access to key sections in video.
  - Videos could be made in different formats and sizes, (e.g. for iPod), different streaming sizes - but in a consistent style. - Index/summary of content within the video. - Summary of content within the video.
   - Links to task sheets (multiple links in different places). - Use video links in suggested reading at end of lecture.
Content   - More dissection/pro-section type videos - this type of video was felt to be under represented. - Provide video of dissection.
   - Lack of linking to the teaching notes related to the video. - More videos/practical videos.
Quality of video content - Improved standards of videos produced.   
  - Training for staff - how to integrate and use videos in lectures. (Ensure videos are appropriate tool for giving a message).   
  - Training for staff - how to make videos.   
  1. ¥Themes are based on authors' categorisation of items raised by focus groups for the purpose of their grouping into common areas.