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Table 2 Student identified weaknesses of video use in SVMS

From: Veterinary students' usage and perception of video teaching resources

Theme¥ Year-3 Year-2 Year-1
Access - Lack of download opportunities. - Inability to download video limits accessibility. - Access to videos shown in lectures is poor.
   - Lack of indexing in long videos (i.e. like DVD chapters) - the key here is rapid accessibility to relevant material. - Some videos are too long.
Content - Some videos are 'best fit' and not filmed for purpose. - Limited resources. Bias towards practical skills as opposed to knowledge.
- Species balance - not enough large animal resources compared to small animal.
- Lack of linking to other teaching resources related to the video.
- Limited number of videos available on 'Moo Tube'.
Quality of video - Poor audio quality.
- Poor camera technique, miss action/poor visualisation (hands cover action), angle of shot.
  - Poor audio quality.
Quality of application - In some cases, use of videos as a crutch to support poor teaching and are an inappropriate use of technology.   - Some videos used in lectures are not directly relevant.
  1. ¥Themes are based on authors' categorisation of items raised by focus groups for the purpose of their grouping into common areas.