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Table 1 Student identified strengths of video use in SVMS

From: Veterinary students' usage and perception of video teaching resources

Theme¥ Year-3 Year-2 Year-1
Accessibility - Videos are accessible off
site and can be viewed in
own time.
- Easy to find videos on the new 'Moo Tube' set
- 'Moo Tube'.
   - Good to go back to (in own time). - Access.
   - A quick way to review a topic compared to
reading a book.
Visualisation for learning - Presents a correct
demonstration of a
technique and removes
staff variation in teaching.
- Clear narration, good explanations. - Use in small group teaching
  - Use in lectures to visualise
cases and clinical signs.
- Good to have different learning format (variety
in learning). Different styles of video. Good to
have for different learning style.
- Visualisation of concepts.
  - Good additional learning
  - Revision and learning of
skill and technique.
  - Better experience/fun.
  1. ¥Themes are based on authors' categorisation of items raised by focus groups for the purpose of their grouping into common areas.