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Table 4 Perceptions of students and faculty members about the MSK Curriculum

From: Musculoskeletal education: a curriculum evaluation at one university

What are the perceptions of students and faculty members about the strengths and weaknesses of the MSK course?
Data sources Strengths Weaknesses Exemplar Quotes
Course evaluation forms from students and faculty.
Interviews with key informants.
Faculty were committed to the course.
Course content was excellent particularly anatomy and its integration with clinical and physical examination skills
Too many students in small groups.
Too much material for students to master.
Material was not sequenced.
Course objectives lacked clear direction.
The large number of faculty made communication difficult.
Core document could be improved.
"Independent study is a strength...[this] course that stands quite a significant volume of material ...It offers the student the opportunity for both didactic and directed learning and self directed learning or independent study"
"[The] sequence isn't very logical. One minute you're talking about fractures, the next you're talking about burns ...I don't think often times a lot of attention is paid to is how well does it, kind of, flow."