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Table 2 Course Documents Accessed for Case Study Research Findings

From: Musculoskeletal education: a curriculum evaluation at one university

Accreditation documents and website
Strategic Planning documents
Liaison Committee for Medical Education website information
Personal Communication with the Associate Dean of UGME
End of Course Evaluation - Students
End of Course Evaluation - Faculty
Course Chair Report
Mean total scores, end of course evaluations Class of 2005-2009
Interview data from key informants
Class of 2009 Student Handbook
Student Evaluation Policy
Core Syllabus
Undergraduate Medical Education Clinical Correlation Information and Responsibilities for Preceptors and Students.
Concept map - Skin and MSK
Curriculum Information System - student resource base
Computer Disks given to students - Physical Exam Skills of the MSK system and Approach to Rheumatologic Diseases
Handbook of procedural skills
Personal Communications with students and administrative personnel.
Faculty Listing for Teaching of MSK course
Course Curriculum Committee Minutes
Student Evaluation Policy
Course Blueprints
Summative Examination - Outline