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Table 2 Item level Content Validity Index (CVI) for each of the Medical Student Well-Being Index items*

From: Development and preliminary psychometric properties of a well-being index for medical students

Item CVI-relevance CVI - representativeness
1 1.0 0.91
2 0.82 0.91
3 1.0 1.0
4 0.82 0.64
5 1.0 1.0
6 1.0 1.0
7 0.91 0.91
Overall scale CVI .94 .91
  1. * Eleven experts (7 experts on student psychological distress and 4 experts in undergraduate medical education) from multiple institutions (both U.S. and abroad) independently rated each item for relevance (i.e. the extent to which each item relates to the aspect of student distress that the item is intended to measure), and representativeness (i.e. how completely the item covers the associated aspect of student distress). CVI for relevance and representativeness was calculated for each item (the proportion of experts who rate the item as representing appropriate content (i.e., content-related validity) defined as a rating of 3 or 4) and for the entire instrument (computed by averaging the item CVI across items).