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Table 3 Teaching style, format and organisation

From: Statistics teaching in medical school: Opinions of practising doctors

"If we were taught practical applications of these things at the outset and expected to apply the knowledge throughout the training period." (C7:71)
"More practise and seeing senior colleagues using them in practice" (C7:161)
"More time needed. Lectures were regarded as difficult to understand by most of my peers." (C7:209)
"Rather than just formal lectures during a set 2 weeks, medical statistics needs to be fully integrated into all parts of the curriculum so that research methods and results can be understood in all aspects of clinical medicine" (C7:455)
"More problem solving type work, small group or 1-1 even" (C7:15)
"Devote time to teaching the subject and start simply and gradually build up towards the final year."(D1:455)
"Very practical problem based teaching, including general practice/secondary care" (D1:183)