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Table 1 Scoring system for medical school applicants

From: The value of the UK Clinical Aptitude Test in predicting pre-clinical performance: a prospective cohort study at Nottingham Medical School

Criterion Scoring system Maximum score
Total score for A* and A grade passes at GCSE † A* 2, A = 1 no maximum but unlikely to exceed 24, equivalent to 12 A* passes
Online questionnaire and tick-boxes, assessing extra-curricular activities and aptitudes ‡ Marked electronically to agreed standards 29
Personal Statement, assessed for overall impression of motivation, insight through work experience, and being a well-rounded individual Excellent = 12, Good = 8, Below average = 4 12
UKCAT results in four cognitive domains giving four marks of 300-900 points Scaled to 9 points per domain 36
  1. † GCSE = General Certificate of Secondary Education, taken at age 15-16
  2. ‡ questions derived from the GMC's 'Duties of a Doctor' [23]