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Table 4 Considerations by participants in making a choice to work in a rural health facility

From: Perceptions of newly admitted undergraduate medical students on experiential training on community placements and working in rural areas of Uganda

Reason Possible considerations Number and percentage
Security Area is politically stable, personal safety, isolation and remoteness of the location of health facility 33 (30.3)
Workload Presence of other staff in adequate numbers and professional mix, doctor-patient ratio, understaffing (support from other health workers) 22 (20.2)
Social amenities Communication, transport, family, entertainment, language, ease of communication with patients, cost of living, salary and benefits, the culture of the local population, opportunity for recreation, schools for children, opportunity to earn extra income 24 (22.1)
Facilities at the health units Equipment, infrastructure, opportunities for continuing education, 30 (27.4)