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Table 3 Exposure of participant to rural health facilities, the capacity or context in which participant got the exposure, overall perception of the rural health facilities and exposure to urban health facilities

From: Perceptions of newly admitted undergraduate medical students on experiential training on community placements and working in rural areas of Uganda

Exposure to rural health facilities Number and percentage
Has ever been exposed to rural health facilities  
Yes 48 (44.0)
No 48 (44.0)
No response 11 (11.9)
Role or context of this experience or exposure (n = 48)  
As patient 24 (50.0)
As healthcare provider 7 (14.6)
As patient caretaker 5 (10.4)
Patient caretaker or patient 12 (25.0)
Other context in which you were exposed to rural health facility other than related to healthcare seeking  
Visitor to the facility 12 (11.0)
Non-medical service provision (support supervision, counselor, planning visit, auditor) 7 (6.4)
Perception of rural health facilities (n = 107)  
Understaffing 10 (9.2)
Poor service or poor facilities 35 (32.1)
Health workers are rude, absent, have poor ethics 11 (10.1)
No comment 53 (48.6)
Participants with prior exposure to urban facilities 13 (11.9)
Ready for training in a rural area 80 (74.7)
27 (25.3)