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Table 5 Comparison of attitudes regarding research interest for respondents with and without graduate degree work

From: A survey on the attitudes towards research in medical school

  Agreement* from those with graduate degree N = 72 Agreement* from those without graduate degree N = 255 P value for trend**
Involved in research to facilitate admission to residency 46% 42% 0.643
Research will be a part of long-term career goals 55% 42% 0.016
Involved in research because of interest in the field 65% 52% 0.048
No interest in research 10% 28% <0.0001
Research is not relevant to medical education 15% 18% 0.0234
Research should not be an important criteria for acceptance to residency 47% 65% 0.007
Mandatory research time should be set in medical school curriculum 46% 37% 0.109
  1. *Responses 4 and 5 in 5-point Likert scale were grouped as "agreement" for reporting purposes.
  2. **Mann-Whitney test between responses of 5-point Likert scale