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Table 3 Curriculum Resources Available on the Internet Specific sections identified from these websites that are particularly relevant are listed below

From: Providing competency-based family medicine residency training in substance abuse in the new millennium: a model curriculum

A. Mercer University School of Medicine
A1 Modules 1, 2, 3, and 4 of Mercer's Initial training
A2 Mercer's Participant and trainer's guides covering modules 1-4 available at
A3 Mercer's SBI videos for Initial training. Videos 1-5
A4 Mercer's lecture and cases related to "Evidence base for low-risk drinking guidelines"
A5 Mercer's lecture and cases related to "Medication use for treatment of alcohol abuse"
A6 Mercer's module on "Alcohol withdrawal and delirium tremens".
A7 Mercer's module on "Outpatient detoxification."
A8 Mercer's teaching module on "Guidelines for prescribing mood-altering drugs"
A9 Mercer's "Primary Care Implementation Plan Decision-Making Guide"
A10 Mercer's lecture on "Implementing alcohol SBI in your own practice"
B. Boston University's Alcohol Clinical Training Project (ACT)
B1 Boston University's core curriculum on "Helping patients who drink too much: A web-based curriculum for primary care physicians"
B2 Boston University's related curriculum materials on "Health Disparities and Cultural Competency", and "Pharmacotherapy".
C1 Project MAINSTREAM's lecture on "Alcohol and drug dependence: Comparisons to other chronic medical conditions.
C2 Project MAINSTREAM's lecture "Substance use disorders in physicians"
C3 Project's MAINSTREAM's lectures on pregnancy and SUD
D. Project CHOICES
D1 Project CHOICES for women at risk for alcohol-exposed pregnancies.