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Table 1 Student learning outcomes for Paediatric Drug Prescribing and Administration Workshop

From: An interprofessional approach to improving paediatric medication safety

The successful student should be aware of:
   • the collective and individual responsibilities in drug prescribing and administration
   • relevant sources of information on prescribing for children (British National Formulary for Children/Local Guidelines/Drug Information Services/Pharmacists)
   • common sources of errors in paediatric drug prescribing (calculation errors/appropriate formulation/body weight calculations)
   • practical issues in drug administration
   • importance of information (written and verbal) and communication with other professionals and parents (indications for use/side effects/use of "off-label" medication)
The successful student should be:
   • able to accurately complete a Drug Kardex
The successful student should:
   • recognise that accurate drug prescribing and administration are essential skills in safe paediatric practice