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Table 1 Comparison of Content and Structure of Study Interventions.

From: Teaching clinical informatics to third-year medical students: negative results from two controlled trials

Session Length Content 1997–98 1999–2000
1 90 min Levels of evidence for journal articles. X X
   Role of systematic reviews and meta- X X
   Recognizing study type. X X
   Markers of quality on Internet. X X
   Using scope of question (broad vs.   
   specific) to select resource for search. X X
2 90 min Understanding and using the MeSH X X
   vocabulary, including exploding terms.   
   Textword searching and truncating words.   
   MeSH terms vs. textwords.   
   Using limits (AIM, English, human)   
   Using filters or hedges with OVID® .   X
3 90 min Using filters or hedges with OVID® . X  
   Using filters with PubMed. X  
   How to retrieve full-text review articles. X  
   Search algorithm.   X
   How to formulate questions.   X
   How to format queries for electronic   
   searching (using SUMSearch™ as   X
   DARE for systematic reviews.   X
   National Guidelines Clearinghouse.   X
4 60 min DARE for systematic reviews. X  
   Specialty organization guidelines. X  
   Scientific American Textbook of Medicine. X  
   Online Journal Clubs (ACP Journal Club X  
   and Journal Watch) and Journal sites .   
   Review of searches performed by students   
   for assigned talk.   X